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Management & Operations

Beyond Dance Consulting can help you achieve a successful dance studio using managing and operating systems. Tracey strives to make your dance studio stand out from the competition by offering tailored consults to increase business performance.

With each consult, it will include operational and time management systems that fit your studio to increase effectiveness and decrease overhead cost.  Working with your studio’s strengths and weakness to build your dance studio brand.  By using consistent social media tactics and analytics this helps you appeal to your preferred clientele.

If you are that studio owner that wants to improve and grow your studio Tracey can help build that for you!

Protocols for staff communication and responsibilities

To run your dance studios efficiently you and your staff need to all be on the same page.  Having protocols in place for the staff to follow gives effective results and a productive team.  Delegating as a studio owner is a crucial task to maximize your time and utilize the staff you have around you.

Effective marketing using social media, emails and flyers

We all know how confusing it gets when we start our marketing plan.  We want you to focus on your target market and not waste money on ads that are being viewed in Calgary! Getting the right look for your ads, newsletters, and emails is an important part for you to build your brand.  Taking a look at your continuity and design to give the impression you want to represent your brand.

Operating and setting up web based data systems

You may already be using Jack Rabbit or Studio Director or are looking into which dance studio system is ideal for you.  Let us give you a full scope of which is best for you and how to maximize the system to its fullest.

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