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Registration Growth Strategies

Your studio needs to create a solid business strategy for registration, retaining students and for growth. If you’re looking for a proven blueprint of how to get from where you are to building that studio you have always wanted, look no further.


5 Effective Methods for Registration Growth Strategies


Online Registration

One of the most effective ways for registration is hands down offering online enrollment! This is a hassle-free system without all the paperwork. There are also so many other tools that come with an online registration system that can keep clients more informed and decrease the office questions by over 50%!

Social Media

Using Facebook & Instagram to showcase your school and registration is highly beneficial as this is free marketing.  Making the switch from traditional marketing strategies such as newspapers, flyers & posters to a more web-based marketing plan can save you money and reach more potential students.  This can set you apart from the other local studios, as most don’t even have an official Facebook page.


To grow referrals offer a special for current students to bring their friends to class. Another great way is getting out there to serve your community, this is a wonderful way to grow your registration. Both can be done all throughout the year to increase the number of registrations late in the season!

Website and SEO

This is another awesome free way to get new students to your studio.  I’m guessing that you all want to be the highest ranked on google search, well that happens with a great website and effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Paid Social Media Ads

This is the most effective way to reach people in your area looking for dance classes.  The key to a successful social media is once people have seen your ad that they actually sign up.  Ensure you make the process easy for them.  Another big mistake with paid social media ads is not setting the parameters to your specific audience.  If you don’t optimize people all over the world could be clicking on your ad running your costs extremely high.

Do you want to attract new students? Does managing your social media take up too much time?

We can tailor a registration strategy for your studio and create a plan for growth in student enrollment.

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