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We will start with your goals, timeline, and processes

Every studio is different. Together we will quickly review your studio’s core business components, such as goals, timeline, processes, and budgets.

Next, we review your studio’s strengths and weaknesses

We will look at your studio’s current situation and performance. Then identify any unique challenges and provide you with an accurate assessment of threats and potential solutions, as well as opportunities that will help your studio to thrive.

Finally, we will discuss next steps

We will gather all the information and provide you with a detailed proposal on how you, with our help, can effectively reach your business goals.

We adapt to your needs

At Beyond Dance Consulting, your discovery call can be over the phone, or on Skype/FaceTime. The amount of time required for your discovery call usually takes one hour. We adapt our discovery call to fit your availability and schedule.

Free insights and personal advice

Your free discovery call will at the very least provide you with valuable insights into improving your studio, as well as the latest trends in the dance studio industry. The discovery call is provided to you with no obligation, so there really is no reason not to contact us and schedule your free call.

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I was very lucky to work with Tracey right from the start of setting up my own music & dance studio. Her wealth of knowledge, professionalism and positive attitude is so refreshing. I highly recommend any business owner investing in her services, my school has begun to soar and I am excited to continue working with her as my business grows.

Ellie Koffman

Director, Koffman Academy of Music & Dance

Tracey’s wealth of knowledge and experience of dance studio administration are evident with everything she does. Her training plan was effectively organized, easy-to-follow, and very thorough. After our training session, I felt I was equipped with the tools and know-how to do my job to the best of my abilities and was empowered to make my own administrative choices.

Rachel Giles

Administrator/Teacher, CDM Dance & Music

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