Dance Studio Website Design

When it comes to websites a well-designed and functional website is essential to a dance studio. 

Dance Studio Websites



What's included

Web Site Changes & Builds to include:

    •     Website design
    •     Mobile Device Compatible/Viewable
    •     Optimise for SEO and google rankings
    •     Customized Contact Form
    •     Call to Actions & Promotions
    •     Insert Google Cal / Important dates into public website area
    •     Edit Menu tabs and layout
    •     Update copy and content on all website pages
    •     Online Registration Embedded Link
    •     Schedule Embedded on website
    •     Create 10-15 new pages 
    •     Google analytics and plugins installed/updated
    •     Social media sharing options throughout the website
    •     Instagram feed embedded
    •     Favicon Logo added
    •     WordPress Tutorial/Training
    •     SSL Certificate Installed


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