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“Tracey constantly takes the time to offer useful tips and she always has a clear vision with her work. She is quick, efficient, approachable, and caring. She puts her heart into every task and words can’t describe how much she has helped me with my business. I am forever grateful for her and her guidance and support.”

Tara Pillon

Artistic Director , ACE Dance Theatre

“I was very lucky to work with Tracey right from the start of setting up my own music & dance studio. Her wealth of knowledge, professionalism and positive attitude is so refreshing. I highly recommend any business owner investing in her services, my school has begun to soar and I am excited to continue working with her as my business grows.”

Ellie Koffman

Director/Owner, Koffman Academy of Music and Dance

“Tracey’s wealth of knowledge and experience of dance studio administration are evident with everything she does. Her training plan was effectively organized, easy-to-follow, and very thorough. After our training session, I felt I was equipped with the tools and know-how to do my job to the best of my abilities and was empowered to make my own administrative choices.”

Rachel Giles

Administrator/Teacher , CDM Dance & Music

I Love Working With Creative Minds

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