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Customer Service Training

Dance studios of all sizes benefit from effective customer service training. Customer satisfaction contributes to the development, reputation, and profitability of your dance studio.

Beyond Dance Consulting aims to increase customer satisfaction, offering tailor-made courses for studio owners and staff.  The training provided puts a spotlight on the front desk.  These systems help to organize general tasks, the enrollment process, and customer follow up. This has proven to dramatically raise the first impression of prospective clients, resulting in growth, brand recognition, and increased profit.

Protocols for staff to follow for enrollment

Beyond Dance Consulting will provide you with set protocols for staff to follow for when the customer walks in, the information given to their first dance class.

Training on how to deal with an unhappy customer

Whether there is an issue or complaint to deal with, solving the problem of an unhappy customer can be a challenge.  Techniques can be applied using customer skill tactics to approach and solve the situation.  Giving you and your staff confidence to be able to attend the customer needs.

Promote your brand and standardize your welcome.

Creating a standardize welcome to include your brand promotion is essential.  You want to stand out from the crowd and let people know why they should choose you. With only 1 first impressions you want to ensure yours is the best it can be.

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