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Project Management

Why delegating will not only save you money & time but your business will grow!


Although delegation doesn’t come naturally to most, it is vital to helping your dance studio grow. Passing off tasks allows you the time to reflect, develop strategies and prepare for what is ahead. To be an effective leader you need to be able to work on your business rather than in it and the proper delegation will allow you to do this. Learning how to effectively delegate responsibilities will save you time, allow you to accomplish more and will help grow your business.

Bring balance to your dance studio and have more time to be creative.

Goal setting and project breakdown

When you are the creator of your business, it’s important to recognize that you also create the day to day schedule and routines.  Tracey will get you to ask yourself; What kind of work do I really want to be doing? How much time do I want to have outside of work? How much money do I want to be making?  Defining you wants and achieving them through goal setting and project management.

Time Management

Being able to recognize your own personal strengths and weaknesses, will provide knowledge on how to best use these traits to manage your time.  Organization and better efficiency of your work habits can create productive time management.  Beyond Dance Consulting will ensure that you are using proper planning steps and methods to maximize your time.  Through delegation and prioritizing, your studio will be more productive than ever before.

“Tracey constantly takes the time to offer useful tips and she always has a clear vision with her work. She is quick, efficient, approachable, and caring. She puts her heart into every task and words can’t describe how much she has helped me with my business. I am forever grateful for her and her guidance and support.”

Tara Pillon

Artistic Director , ACE Dance Theatre

Custom project management programs focus on the development of each individual dance studio. Each consult is tailored to the specific needs of your dance studio and delivered in a coaching style.  The consults provided are well planned and structured for you.  This allows studio owners to see and understand the progress of their business.

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